Pranav Arunandhi

Hello! I am Pranav Arunandhi, a sophomore at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying Computer Science and Aerospace Engineering. I am interested in applications of artificial intelligence, particularly in automation and robotics.

In my freshman year, I worked as an undergraduate researcher in the Aerospace Controls Laboratory under Dr. Michael Everett. I implemented navigation algorithms for autonomous robots in social environments, such as the dynamic window approach, a social-forces based policy, and a reinforcement learning algorithm, so as to compare their performance in handling different environments.

I’m also a member of MIT Driverless, where we program a competitive autonomous racecar! I work in the controls subteam, where, based on the optimal racing line and the physics of the vehicle itself, we compute the necessary acceleration and braking to be the fastest car on the track.

I recently joined the Undergraduate Association (MIT’s student government), and am working in the Alumni Affairs committee to foster relationships between undergraduates and the MIT alumni community.

I’d love to chat with you about the stuff I’ve done (some more of which you can see at the Projects page, or on my resume)! You can reach me at